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Freaky Friday… 10/31/14

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Pause front squat

Work up to a heavy single

5×3 front squat – heaviest possible


For time:

400 meter run
20 deadlifts 225/155
400 meter run
20 front squats 135/95*
400 meter run
20 deadlifts 225/155

*Athletes will have to strip weight off of deadlift bar for front squat weight, then add weight back on to bar for second set of deadlifts

The Blaster

Front Squat
5×3 AHAP

8min amrap:
8 pull-ups
8 pushups
8 squats

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Throwback Thursday… 10/30/14

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Power snatch

Work up to a heavy single

1×5 deadlift – heaviest possible


Spend 5:00 at each station, accumulating reps for quality of:

Alternating pistols
Strict toes-to-bar
Handstand walking*

*Beginners practice wall walks or wall-supported handstand holds

Speed and Endurance

800m warm up

20 min skills & drills

4x1200m (2min rest)

cool down/stretch/mobility

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Wicked Wednesday… 10/29/14

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Split jerk

Work up to a heavy single

3×5 press – heaviest possible


For time:

800 meter run
50 double unders
40 shoulder-to-overhead 95/65
30 bar-facing burpees

The Blaster

3×5 AHAP

3 rounds:
400m run
15 box step ups
20 burpees

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Taco Tuesday… 10/28/14

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Power clean + power jerk

Work up to a heavy single

5×3 power clean – heaviest possible


On a 10:00 clock:

Complete 10 rounds of “Cindy”

5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats

In remaining time:

AMRAP power clean 205/145

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Achieve Greatness Together

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I wanted to thank everyone for coming out today for our 3rd Annual Barbells for boobs! The event was once again a success ! Shout out to Default, StrongHold, Barracks, Indivisble, and to our Extended Family Boombox SD !

We have been at this for quite some time now and i was thinking. Thinking that One of the main reasons we started Boombox was to create an environment that people from all walks of life can come into and know that whoever was around them, genuinely cared. We are all different. We were all raised differently. We may believe in different things but what we have in common is our commitment to the lifestyle. A community like boombox is something that is built organically. It is not something that we “write up” or “program” or “purchase”.. It is something we work on day in and day out. The years of commitment to the bigger picture has brought us to where are today. And in order to maintain or continue to grow, the community has to continue to work together in search for our greatness. Just like anything, in order to maintain or exceed you have to put in work. Let us not forget the countless hours we have all put into building, let us continue forward and remember that only together can we ever achieve greatness. Preserve the culture we fight so hard to protect !


To bring communities of like minded individuals together is to create opportunities one can never imagine.





***********Hodges 15k and 50k***********




While many of us were at the Barbells for Boobs event we had 3 of our very own go out to LAKE HODGES and CRUSH IT !!

JessiLee and Kevin both placed top 3 in their Age groups on the 15k trail Run ! After speaking to them both we came to the conclusion that they earned some beer !! Although it was difficult, Jessi and Kevin did a Phenomenal job and we are VERY PROUD of you guys !!!

Coach Josh stepped it up a bit and hit an Easy 50k, something like 32 miles of trails.. Well maybe not so easy. Coach josh hit the first 15 miles at a solid pace but ran into some cramping that described as cramps that “make you a man” Josh with his NEVER QUIT mentality grinded it out and chalked up a solid finish !!!

Way to go yall !!!




After the conclusion of this week, we will hit a deload week then begin a whole new training cycle.


A. Tempo back squat

Work up to a heavy single


3×5 back squat – heaviest possible

B. Weighted strict pull up

1 set of Max Effort using 50% of body weight

 C. 3 rounds of:

20 calorie row*
20 wall balls
20 KB swings 53/35

*Sub 20 reps of 10m shuttle sprint if rower unavailable

The Blaster

5×3 front squat ahap


For time:
600m row
40 wall balls
400m row
40 kb swings
200m row






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