BIG SQUATS ! BBCF – 8/13/2012



This week marks the first week of an 8-week 20 rep squat program. This program will not only get athletes strong as hell, it will also develop some serious muscular endurance and not to mention some giant legs! On 20-rep squat days we can expect to see shorter conditioning workouts, as the squat program is exremely high volume. The program works as follows:


Athletes will use their 5RM squats (established last monday 06AUG2012) and subtract 80lbs from their squat. This will establish their starting weight for their first set of 20-rep squats. For Example, Joe Crossfit’s 5rm squat is 300lbs.  His first session of 20-rep squats will start at the weight of 220lbs. From there he will perform  20-rep squat 2x a week, on mondays and then again on thursdays. Each time Joe Crossfit squats he will add 5lbs to his 20-rep squat set. This is an increase of 10lbs per week, leading up to the last week and the very last workout where the athlete will theoretically squat his former 5RM for a 20RM!!  EASY,  right ??????





Barbell Training











A. 3 rounds for time


22 KB swings 70/53

400 meter run

11 regional-style burpees




  1. I love me some SUPER SQUATS!

  2. Heck yeah excited for this squat program!

  3. Hope my hammies can find a 5RM tomorrow so i can get on track for thursday!!!

  4. Soooo stoked for this!!

  5. 14:05 #35
    Feel like crap today but pushed myself to get through that WOD

    • remember not every day is a PR day or a perfect situation.. you got in here and did work and that is what counts… great job ! keep it movin !

  6. Definitely a tough one after being away for 2 weeks!!!

    125# 5rm

    25# kb

  7. 205# 5rm

    35# kb still need to go light until my shoulder heals

  8. 145 5rm -80 65#

    WOD: 12ish i think lol 54#

  9. 115 5rm

    13:03 35#kb

  10. 14:17
    Kb 30#
    Run was rough!

  11. #65 for 20 reps
    I can’t wait till I make a one rep max of double body maybe after this squat programming???

    My time was 13 something
    #35 kb
    This one was hard but I felt so good after!

  12. Back squat 20 times at 50#

    Kb 30#
    Time: 12:58

  13. Strength : 80# 20x
    Wod: 11:55 KB – 45#

  14. 85#x20
    Wod 11:36 35#

  15. Way to go everyone thus far! Heat has been beast mode ! no joke !

  16. Omg!! This WOD kicked my butt!! I m so happy I finished it!! My time was 16.07:) I actually back squad 145lbs. That’s more then my body weight!! And to top it off 30lbs kettle bell. I m proud of myself;) I don’t think I said that before lol! Thanks Eric for the encouragement!!

  17. Miss you guys already!!
    I’ll be keeping up with the strength while back home.
    I’ll tell ya, 20 reps after doing ‘chelsea’ this morning was a struggle!!


    Hope everyone has a great workout today. I love seeing all these beast squat posts


  18. 125# 20
    WOD19:27 #45

  19. 20x@ 215#

    WOD: 13:13Rx
    WOD2: 6 rounds
    30yd prowler @220#
    250m Row
    3x3Snatch Balace at 95#
    3×15 Pullups 20#
    3×15 Dips 20#

  20. 135# x20



    Damn you Aaron. Ran you down and you Got me by one Burpee! Thanks for the push! Fun WOD.

    • No bro, thank you for the push. My legs felt like they just werent working. Eats easier to be the Wolf than it is to be the Lamb my friend! Good job today brotha!

  21. Bs: 115#x20
    13:29 rx
    I got owned

    • One step closer to getting back to where you want to be. Just keep plugging away. #DZT All Day…

  22. #135 x 20
    #53 kb
    Great job to everyone at the 6 pm class. Loved the energy. Never thought I day this but the burpees were easier than the run.

  23. 115#- 20 reps

    WOD- 45# kb 18:45 i think

    Great job everyone today! Never give up, even when your legs are about to give! Tig deep and youll surprise what your body is capable of doing. Thanks Deb, Carol and Alyx for running with me Love you guys and the BB Family!

    • Jojo, never give up. Your intensity and passion for this sport is admirable!

  24. WOD 1:
    2k Row- 7:03

    WOD 2:
    5 Rounds for time:
    20 GHD’s
    10 Pistols (Alt)
    100M Sprint

    Super Squats:
    #285×20 (Holy Hell that HURT! Thanks everyone for cheering me on)


    Josh and I were going neck n neck and i started to get him in the 2nd round but he came back on the 3rd and beat me to the run by a few KB swings. We came in from the run about 2-3 seconds apart and i just went balls to the wall on the last 11 burpees. Almost threw up, Thanks Cags for the swift kick in the ass! Helluva day at BBCF!! Good job to everyone. Yall frikken did work. HellaSquats= HELLASTRONG!

    • Super fun. Good job man.

  25. Nice 2k aaron !

    • Thanks Coach. 23 seconds faster than the one at Regionals and i had adrenaline goin then.

  26. Lil ole 65lbs squat
    30 KB
    This is the coolest, most welcoming, encouraging bunch of folks ever. Thanks for being so kind and for cheering on us beginners, it means a lot. Thank u all. Caro x

    • Nice work Caro! You work hard day in and day out.

    • Good job Caro! I am always amazed by you.

    • 🙂

  27. 80#-20 Reps



  28. #95 1×20

    22 KBs #44 1st rd only/#35
    400m run
    11 Regional Burpees

    13 something??

  29. The barbell never lies ! Its always a factor in anything we do ! Live and die by the barbell !
    You all are crushin it and i can see that, proud of everyone doin their thing… Never forget where u were last month or last year.. And remember how you got to where you are today…

    “yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a GIFT, that is why we call it the present”

  30. Missed the strength today:( Hopefully I can make that up sometime this wkend.
    14:34, #35 KB

  31. 115# x20

    Love these super squats!!! I know I’m not going to be saying that 4 or 5 weeks down the line, but hey lets enjoy the “light weight” when we can!

    had to use the 50# 🙂 great job everyone!

    Special shout out to JoJO for ATTACKING those weaknesses!! Way to push it at the end.

    • Helluva Job today baby! You keep workin that squat and your gonna be as strong as me one day. I love you. Keep kickin ass! You motivate the crap outta me!

  32. Did this WOD in my garage at 11am. BRUTAL HEAT up here in Canyon Lake!

    Back Squat x20 = 70#

    WOD: 13:37

  33. 135 20 rep back squat.

  34. Mondays and thursdays are big days for the next 8 weeks! Be there!

  35. 165# x 20 reps

    Wod: 10:24 @ 53#

    Back still feeling it from dead lifts saturday. Keep it up everybody! Love seeing you all progress so fast 😉

    • Good job today brotha. Way to push through the pain and put up a solid time.

  36. 5 rep max #85

    16:48 #25

    Thanks to everyone who encouraged me! <3 you guys! 🙂

  37. #85×20

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