Thank you to everyone who came out today to the BBCF takeover , moonlight beach edition ! It was a very long day filled with great weather, food and most of all friends from the BBCF community. Thanks again and always remember that our box is built from the foundation of the 3 C’s : COMMITMENT, COMMUNITY AND CAMARADERIE ! SEE YA’LL AT THE BOX ! Special Shout out to Steve and Sonia for always coming through and showing support for our Crew. You guys are always going out of the way to help me out and all the members of our lil’ box.. BBCF 4 EVA EVA !


** Belated Birthday shout out to Josh Adkins who tured 21 for the 14th time on Saturday ! It is a pleasure to have him as a part of our community, i look forward to a great future with you and BBCF. Josh will be one of our newest coaches coming into the mix soon and i cant wait for him to get into the swing of things. I’ve known Josh for a few years now and i respect him and his passion for our sport.  He is a great leader but also understands that before you can lead, you must first learn to follow.  Looking forward to opening up the doors for some serious potential….


**Shout out to Ray Ray, Dianna and Aaron for gettin’ their CF level 1 education on today ! Im proud of all of you and looking forward to seeing all of you continue to grow into the athletes you were born to be. I’m sure that you all have absolutely nothing to worry about regarding the test, piece of cake ! Remember, knowledge is power and continue to educate yourselves and apply what you have learned by sharing it with others…..















6 S2O 135/95

9 KB SWINGS 70/53




“I love what I’m doing. I love the artist I’m developing. I love the whole thing about it. Once again, I have to really look at it for the next three years and say, “Am I doing it for the right reasons?” ‘Cause all I want to do is make history at this point. They got to pay me to make history of course. But that’s my goal. I want to sit there with people really into making history. I mean everybody. I don’t mean just artists. The interns -if everybody’s not committed to making history every time I go into a meeting, and if I can’t look into their eyes and I don’t see the fire, then I gotta move on. ‘ Cause, you know, I don’t have time. I don’t have the luxury of time to just blow off three years. I do, but I don’t. But I’m not looking to have a job. That’s not hot!

—December 2007 XXL Interview / JAY-Z






  1. It feels good to WOD with a bunch of great people every week!! I finished 3 rounds and 2 soh. 35 kettle bell!! My double unders were great today!! Yay!!

  2. 3 rounds
    65# and 35# kb

  3. Feels good to be back from vacation.

    BS- 20 reps @ 115

    4 rounds + 3 kb swings
    75# s2o
    44# kb

    Nice work 9am!

    • Good job Megan! Your gettin pretty beastly dude! Keep up the hard work!!!

  4. Super Pumped about this wod today! This is high level programming right here folks! Time to get DIRRRRTY!

  5. Loved WODing with you girls this morning and Will 🙂
    Back squat #60
    3 rounds plus 6 pull up/push ups
    #45 S2OH
    #30 KB

  6. BS: 125#x20
    Pull/ push ups
    53# kb
    4 rounds

  7. Garage WOD again today. I swear, my weights are heavier here than at BoomBox. I do way better there than here.

    Back Squat x20

    WOD: 3 + 5 KB
    Subbed 3 pull ups & 3 ring dips

  8. #105 BSquat 20RM

    3 M/ups mod w/ 3) PullUp BlueBand 3) Strict PushUp
    6 S2O #75
    9 KBS #35
    12 Dubs

    4rds+3 PullUps

  9. #45 back squat

    4rds + 1press #65 DUs #35 kb

    It’s good to be back

  10. BS x20- 145#


    3 rounds +3 muscle ups RX

    Fun ass WOD. Lots of energy tonight!

  11. BS-85#
    6 + 6 S2O
    30# kb

  12. 3 rounds + 9 KBS
    45# BS 25# KB

  13. Talk about a fun frikken wod. Thanks everyone for cheering me on during the squats and the wod! And thanks Coach E for lettin me swing that big boy and keepin me focused. I set a goal with u and you helped me get there and then some!

    Backsquats: 295×20

    Wod: 5 rds + 1 S2O Rx+ (80lb kb)

  14. Great job ya”ll ! Felt great to throwdown a wod with 6pm….

    Skipped backsquats / injured groin

    Wod: 3 rds RX…

    Got to 4th round with nearly 3 minutes left…. Couldnt get a muscle up for nothing!!! Guess not training consistently will do that… All good, i have ya”ll to be proud of….

    Keep it movin!

    Shout out to the ladies i saw get bar muscleups today…Megan, Mel and Lyx’ … Crush em !!!!!!!

    Also , happy b day Mel !!!!!!! I forgot to tell uou when i saw you!!!!

    Good job everyone, smooth is fast!

  15. My first time ever posting my wod!!! :O
    4 rounds + 3 kb swings
    #45/ #30kb

  16. Squat City Mondays
    #145 x 20
    AMRAP 8
    Did 6 pull ups 6 push ups not 3 muscle ups
    #53 kb
    3 rounds plus 7 kb swings
    Proud to say that I hit a PR on my double unders during the WOD @12. This daily double under challenge is helping me tremendously.

    • Nice mike!!!

  17. 20 rep back sqaut 130lbs
    Amrap 8
    did six pull ups 6 push ups
    #95 S2O
    3 rounds 8 KB swing

  18. 20 rep backsquat 50#

    6 pull ups with blue band/6 push ups
    65# S2O
    double unders

    3 rounds + 9 kb

  19. 20 rep Backsquat #40

    WOD AMRAP 8:00
    3 Burpees
    6 push press #40
    9 KB swings #25
    24 single unders

    4 rounds plus 3 KB swings

  20. # 105 for my S2O

  21. started my baseline 5 rep max today with #235.

    got 3 rounds plus 1 pull up. had my muscle ups completed up until the last round, #115 for my soh, still kicked my butt though, and a #53 kettle bell, with 36 jump ropes because i couldn’t get the double unders down. Feeling a huge difference even on my second week. Thanks everyone for pushing me and not letting me give up.

    • Good job Logan. Welcome to the fam!

  22. 225# Backsquat

    WOD:2+some # of S2O’s

    Muscle-Ups, you now are my new enemy, and I will destroy you!


  23. 125#x20

    2muscle ups first round/1 second round
    95# S2O
    53# KB
    3rounds and 4kb swings

  24. 145 20 rep
    4 rds 6 S2O
    Rx everything but the muscle up/ prob scaled that wrong too…I’m dumb.

  25. sick job errrryone ! Logan, you’re a beast…!

  26. 80# back squat (new oly shoes really helped!!)

    Wod: 2 rds and 21 sus. Did pull ups and push ups , rxd the weight

  27. 20 RM backsquats @ 175#

    4 rounds + 1 muscle up RX

    Loved this workout! Thank you Eric for coaching me through and reminding me to pace. Special thanks to everyone cheering me on 😉 that 70# kb is no joke!

    • Good job buddy, you were right there the whole time. Made me work even harder!

  28. All good ray… ! Great work!

  29. This was so fun! Coach scaled the mu for me so I didn’t 3 pullups and 3 pushups instead. My first wod that I could do a couple pullups in since learning how to kip!
    I got through 4rounds and 3 pullups

  30. Oops and my weight was 60# s2o and 35# kb

  31. Dont know why I even thought I was gonna beat Aaron on this one. I need to put the crack pipe down and pick up the bar more.

    Fun class this evening. Was leaving I. My car and it sounded like I was leaving a party. Lol.

    20rm at 125

    WOD 4+3 s2o

    • What you meant to say is your 20 Rep BS was 225. lol NOT 125. Good job on the wod dude. You gave me a good idea of what i could get but i had set a goal with Eric earlier in the day and you already know your trash talk cant get in my head.

  32. 3 burpees, 6 push press @40#, 9 kettlebells @ 30#, 24 jump ropes. 5 rounds +3 burpees…getting stronger…yeah!

  33. 95×20 bs
    3 rounds +3 pull ups
    75# s2o
    44# kb

    Happy belated birthday Josh. And congrats to those achieving their cert. 🙂

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