The Tri City Open 3/7/13

This Saturday we will be heading over to hang with our friends, CANYON CROSSFIT ! We will be throwin’ down OPEN WOD 13.1 ! Registration is at 8am ! Scaled, Masters and RX ! Get on it. We welcome the entire community to be there !  There’s nothing we cannot achieve as a COMMUNITY ! BBC’YA there !

Barbell Training


5×3 front squat AHAP; Rest 3:00 between sets


7×2 paused front squats @ 75% of 1RM front squat EMOM


A. For time:

100 wall balls

*EMOM 8 KB swings 70/53

*12:00 time cap – SNAPS !

Speed and Endurance


Cags is outta town for a conference, however Coach Ray will be running class tonight !

Foam Roll/Stretching/Mobility (5-10min)


Drills (5-10min) then
3x100m Gliders ( jog increasing to sprint with each)
Focus on form, staying loose and relaxed


2x800m W/ 3 min rest (hold split between 2-3 seconds)

Cool down


  1. Oh the S&E is gnarly!!

    • Todd that’s not gnarly… we only do it twice. 🙂

  2. Paused Front Squats @190#
    Have no med ball yet :/ so just did some other skill work

  3. Front squats-155,175. Time-9:48. Brutal in my opinion. Good think I’m not working tomorrow quads are fried.

  4. Did oly and rowed this morning..

    Strength: 100 front squat

    Wod: DNF: had 17 reps left at 12 mins….. Did rx had to do 2 rds with 44kbs. Legsvsndvhips gavevout…. Should have done 44 kb :/

  5. S&E
    1:56/3:58 – 1:47/3:50

  6. Fr squat @ 95 super happy with that, most ever.
    Wod 12 ball/ 35 bell. Subbed push ups for k bells last two sets as shoulder muscle was beginning to hurt. 11 mins.

  7. 6:57 rx

  8. 7×2 front squat

    I had the orange bell and 15# (Danielle picked for me).. Thinking I should’ve gone heavier?

    • Heavier?! You finished in the perfect amount of time. Heavier would have made it at least a 10 minute WOD for you. You did just right, girl.

  9. Strength
    90# front squat
    9:46 I think

    Speed & Endurance

  10. 13.1
    101 reps. Stoked I PR’d my snatch at #135. Not much but it’s a start.
    Endurance class
    1:55 / 4:11
    1:53 / 4:05

  11. S&E


  12. Did 13.1 at noon, just to feel it out. Did 4 reps of 75# snatch and stopped at 11 min.

    Strength and endurance:

    3: 21/3: 15

    4X4x4x4 strict pull ups, failed the last rep. Practiced butterfly kipping…getting better! Did like 8 in a row!! 🙂

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