Farewell Jackie 12/30/13



Jackie has been with BBCF for about a year now and i am very sad to announce that she will be moving and leaving BBCF for Florida. Most of us know jackie as an amazing woman. A woman who sets goals, achieves them and also exceeds them at times. I have seen her transform over the year and get so much stronger as well as be such a positive person insdie and outside of the box! She has helped BBCF in so many ways and it would be very hard to list them all. Please know that we are all very thankful!!! I am very proud of you Jackie and i am also very blessed to know you and be your friend…. You are an amazing person and our community will be at a loss without you. I know that the box you go to in Florida will gain a very awesome, loyal and committed member !! BUT, if you wanna open BBCF in florida, just let me know :)

We love you and wish you the best!! Thank you to kendra, Casey and Tim. They have also been very supportive of BBCF and we will never forget any of you !





Back squat

Work up to a heavy set of 5


Back squat

Establish 5RM


A. For time:

30 deadlifts 225/155
25 burpee box jumps 30″/24″
20 cleans 135/95
15 CTB pull ups


  1. Jackie, I don’t think you know how much you will be missed. It has been such a pleasure to get to know you. You’re an amazing athlete, a wonderful mom and I can’t thank you enough for sacrificing your time to provide love and kindness to Preston and the rest of the kiddos at 9:15. I wish you all the best and selfishly hope that your leave is temporary! We’ll miss you Jackie!

  2. Jackie!!! You are definitely loved and respected around here. It’ll surely be different around the box, especially in the mornings! Wishing you a fun and wild ride as you embark on your new journey in 2014!!! You deserve the best. Jake, Finn, Matt & I love you!

  3. Take care Jackie. So happy to have met u. Best wishes for the move and 2014.

  4. Good luck Jackie. You will be missed.

  5. Thanks for letting me join in at 8am ladies. Good job.

    70% 185
    75% 195
    80% 210
    5 RM #215

    30″ bjs

  6. Sorry. Time 13:13

  7. Strength: 100, 110, 115
    5rm @ 125#

    Wod: 13:something

    115# dl/75# clean, 24″ box

    Nice, fun 9:15 class! :)

    Great to have Jackie with us!!! :)

  8. Aw Jackie! Your the sweetest!! I’m gonna miss you!!!!

    PR’D 5 rep back squat 110#

    125# deadlifts
    55# cleans

  9. Good luck in Fl Jackie. You’re gonna be missed.
    Strength. 5 @ #230.
    #185 DL
    20″ burpee box jumps
    #95 clean
    CTB pull ups

  10. Strength: 100,110,115 5rm 125

    Wod: 125# dead lift
    85# clean

    Jackie you will surely be missed. Thank you for giving Emma plenty of love.

  11. 24″ not 20″ burpee box jumps.

  12. 145/155/165
    #185 5RM

    #125/#75 24″

  13. Jackie, I will certainly miss you and your welcoming smile. We wish you the best and will look forward to your 1st visit back.
    STRENGTH- 205/221/236 5RM @ 255lbs
    METCON- 16:19 Rx


    9:36 as prescribed

  15. You will be missed Jackie!!

    Backsquats Advanced
    1×2@#165(had to split last rep)

    Wod 14:12 #RX

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