Thursday 07/13/2017

A few of the 8:30am CrossFit peeps on this beautiful Friday out here on the LEFT COAST!!

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Turkish get-up
10:00 of coach-led Turkish get up practice

General Athleticism

4 sets of:
3 hurdle jumps – tallest possible (both feet over at same time)
-Superset with-
4 sets of:
100ft. Sprint – starting face down, head facing towards running direction

Strongman/Odd Object

4 sets of:
50ft. Box-to-box Atlas stone carry – start with atlas stone on top of plyo box, carry to opposite plyo box. Heaviest possible. If no atlas stone available, substitute sandbag or stacked plates
-Superset with-
4 sets of:
100 ft. backwards walking sled pull – heaviest possible

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